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Forthcoming    "You Just Have to Know They're Very Sensitive." Moon City Review

(forthcoming, 2020).

Forthcoming    "Skin." Asimov's Science Fiction (forthcoming, January/February 2020)

2019                "A Story About the Ocean, and Other Stories." Reed Magazine.

                        "My Grandfather Ran Off to the Woods." Red Rock Review.

2017                "Movements." Red Rock Review.

                        "Last Stand of the Alligator Killers." Yemassee.

                        "Periphylla, and Other Deep Ocean Attraction." Sonora Review.

                        "The Salesman." Analog Science Fiction and Fact.

2015                "Different Faces." The Gateway Review, vol. 1, no. 1.

                        "Riding the Waves of Leviathan." Asimov's Science Fiction.

2014                "Straight of Solitude." LORE. 

2013                "Brother Swine." Asimov's Science Fiction.

2012                "The Dive." NANO Fiction, vol. 6, no. 1.

                        "The History of Character X." &Now Awards 2: The Best Innovative Writing. Ed.

                        Schneiderman, Davis.

                        "Every River Has a Name." Thunderclap No. 9.

                        "Behind Closed Doors." Pear Noir!.

                        "Picking Roses for Chateelet." LORE. 

2011                "Eager Platinum Hands." Neon Literary Magazine.

2010                "FAL 2020." M Brane SF Quarterly.


2020                "Beautiful Bird." DIAGRAM, 19.6.

2015                "Just a Moment Longer, Please." Smokelong Quarterly 49.

2013                "Rain." decomP. April 2013.

                        "Dorothy's Children." Specter, No. 16.

2012                "The Last Letter." Nine: A Journal of Imaginative Fiction.

                        "Shooting." Juked.

                        "The Circus." New World Writing (formerly Mississippi Review Online).

                        "I Hope We Have a Hammock One Day." [PANK].

                       "The House My Father Built." Foundling Review.

2011                "In the Ozarks." Word Riot.

                        "How to Cook Like Jane Austen." Bartleby Snopes.

                        "The History of Character X." decomP. Sep. 2011.

                        Reprinted in The &Now Awards 2: The Best Innovative Writing.

                        "The Girl with Tortoiseshell Glasses." >Kill Author.

                       "Mulligatawny." The Molotov Cocktail.

                       "Mother Tern." Caper Literary Journal.

                       "Shooters." Stymie.

2010               "Keshav 2015." Brain Harvest.

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